Ball & Peg

Single cable organizer  (3d Printed)

A low cost 3D printed single cable manager that can be mounted permanently or temporarily.

Ball & Peg cable manager

Can be screwed to the wall or simply taped to any surface with sticky tape.

Ball & Peg cable manager

The problem: cables that always seem to fall from the table.

Ball & Peg cable manager

Tape to any surface for a temporary cable holder

Ball & Peg cable manager

Screw in for a more permanent fix.

Ball & Peg cable manager

Having kneeled down one too many times to fetch the single charging cable for my laptop, I decided to make a small holder to solve this problem.

The solution is a small versatile cable holder that can be placed temporarily on walls or desks with a simple piece of tape, or more permanently with a couple of screws.

Ball & Peg 3d Printed Selection

Available at Shapeways :